Bridging the Gap: The Women's Movement Redux

Bridging the Gap: The Women's Movement Redux

by Katie Drasser, Managing Director, Aspen Global Innovators Group

Women of different generations and geographies need one another as much now as at any time in the quest for gender equality. Everywhere we go, it seems, gender avengers are working for change. And yet, so much of their fight for gender equality remains unfinished. Women of different generations and geographies desperately need one another to share wisdom, ideas, and goals for pushing women to break the glass ceiling, but finding time in our fast-paced lifestyles make meaningful dialogue difficult.

The Bridge, a project of the Aspen Institute, brings wise women – and a few good men – of different generations together into revelatory conversation about what matters most. The Bridge slows things down and puts two people with deep knowledge and compassion together for important conversations.

In this premiere episode, journalists and friends Courtney Martin and Pat Mitchell discuss what’s ahead and the rich past that can inform how we confront it: How will a new Trump administration impact the women’s movement? Will the urgency around issues like reproductive justice dissolve women’s generational differences?

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