Greetings from the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls Intern

By JanJan Sun, Aspen Forum on Women and Girls Intern 

My decision to attend a women’s college was fueled by the desire to be in an environment where strong female leaders would empower each other and women everywhere. The Wellesley spirit and mission is with me throughout my internship with the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls at the Aspen Institute this summer. Working on a new project that is still growing is exciting and the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls’ mission to advance women’s economic justice, political participation, civic engagement, and leadership is such an important one.

As a fellow of the Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs, one of my fellowship requirements is an internship that is global in nature. There is no better place to complete this requirement than with the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls. The need to empower women and girls is felt across the globe every day and the empowerment of women and girls is the key to making progress in many of the world’s most challenging problems. Although progress in women’s issues is made every year, we need a space where women from different generations and locations can come together to share their knowledge and work together to help women and girls.

This internship allows me to connect with key players who are working towards improving the lives of women and girls within their industries. It is already my fortune to be a part of an amazing network of students from Wellesley who are working towards the same goal. Two of my friends are computer science majors working to make traditionally male-dominated online gaming platforms safer for women by reducing sexual and gender harassment. Another friend is planning to return to Chicago after graduation to become a high school teacher to help girls coming from low income backgrounds break the cycle of poverty. There is no short supply of inspiration in my life that is generated by my friends and peers but this summer is bringing women into my life who are able to share with me their wisdom and experience.